Our Cabins

We have four cabins, beautifully situated right on the lake side. Three cabins can accommodate up to six people each, while our smaller cabin can accommodate up to 4 people. All cabins are equipped with outdoor furniture, refrigerator, kettle and coffeemaker. Shower, toilet, and cooking are available at the campsite’s service building.

The cottages are summer residencies, but they are warm and should there be a chilly nights heating system are in place. Prices below are for the whole house.

Pictured below is our Rundahuset (Roundhouse) cabin.

If you want to book or have questions about the cottages, please contact us.

Friggebod Cabin:

  • 19 square meters
  • Up to 6 sleeping places
  • Coffee Machine & Water Cooker
  • Refrigerator
  • Lakeside view
  • 550:- per night

Timmerhus Cabin:

  • Extra-large terrace with outdoor furniture
  • Cabin with toilet and kitchen fully water equipped
  • 50 square meters
  • Upp till 6 sleeping places
  • Soffa
  • Refridgerator
  • Lakeside view
  • 900:- per night

Rundahuset Cabin:

  • 4 sleeping place (twin beds)
  • Armchair sofas
  • Refrigerator
  • Large terrace with outdoor furniture
  • Lakeside view
  • 700:- per night