Kayaking in Venjan

Canoeing and Kayaking in Venjan is an outdoor experience in a large-scale cinematic format. Want to experience the beautiful scenery? Hear the silence that surrounds it? Perhaps you want to fish for lunch right where you are?

Then you need to take a ride on one of Venjans canoe and kayak trails.

One trail option is to start canoeing from our campsite at Venjanssjön. The total distance of the trail is 23 km. The stretch of the lake is about 500 meters before coming to the habit. From the camping up through Vanån to the camp in Ejsjön is 11 km. The distance from the camp site and on through Litterån back to the camp site is 12 km long, and takes about 4 to 5 hours.

Litterån can feel safe for families as it is only about two meters wide and not very deep. It The winds like a snake through pristine wilderness. Here you can enjoy the silence and experience nature as a wonderful respite from the day’s stress. Litterån flows into the habit and back to Venjanssjön and the camping.

For those who wish, you can paddle only in Venjansjön.

There are nice islands to vist. Some islands have shelters and barbecue sites. An very popular island is named Sandön. It is large and has fine sandy beaches. A long time ago there was a glassworks situated there, because the sand was such a fine quality. The opportunity to go fishing is good throughout Venjans area.

Venjans Camping has 6 kayaks, 1 child kayak and 1 double kayak available to rent for a price of 250:- per day. These are ideal for paddling down Litterån or to go fishing with. See picture on top.

Find us at:

Moravägen 30
792 93 Venjan

GPS Coordinates
Latitude: 60.953700 (N 60° 57’13.32”)
Longitude: 13.930870 (E 13° 55‘51.13“)

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