The location for your next fishing adventure


Venjan is a really rich fishing area. No matter what type of fisher you are, beginner, leisure or professional, you will find your next great fishing adventure here in Venjan. Venjan’s fishing area is set in a beautifully varied scenery. Regardless of what type of fishing you choose to do, it is important that you follow the rules and codes that apply to fishing in Sweden and Venjan. More about it further down.

Northern Venjan’s fishing area is approx. 470 sq km large and contains a large number of different types of fishing waters. Everything from small ponds to larger lakes. In total about 80 lakes or ponds and 30 streams, and above all our 2 larger rivers; Ogan (and a bit of Ogströmmen) and Vanån, click here to see the map.

The fish is managed by a fisheries conservation association, which is responsible for managing the fish so that the fish stocks are protected and secured for future generations. For example, one can prohibit fishing in a body of water for a certain amount of time, in order to determine the amount or number of fish that may be taken in order to continue to maintain the fish stock.

Fishing Waters

Our campsite is located at the northern tip of lake Venjanssjön. You can fish equally well from boat as you can from land. The largest pike was actually caught by one of our guests while fishing from land. 

Lake Venjanssjön is full of large rock and shallow grounds that lie and lurk just below the surface. Even for a native, it can be difficult to navigate the boat without risking slamming into something. There are nice fishing kayaks available for rent at our campsite. Shallow and large stones will also make nice fishing spots. Add all the weeds that grow on sandy bottoms and it will be an exciting fishing adventure. 

Here are you can find the usual freshwater fish, fish like Pike, Trout, Roach, Ide, and Bream. Whitefish can also found in the lake, but it small quantities. Fried whitefish is the best there is but it can only be fished with a large net

Lake Venjanssjön is well suited for most types of fishing, ranging from bait with worm, to throw rod with spinners or wobblers. Many visitors look to catch pike. And of course even most of our fishermen are in pursuit of large big pike, the struggle is the experience. If you do not plan to eat the pike you catch it is important that you release them again in undamaged condition. 

Lake Venjanssjön is not part of Northern Norway’s fishing area, for Lake Venjanssjön there is a separate fishing license that is available for purchase at several places in Venjan.

Vanån has a changing character with everything from calm water to strong-passing currents. The water is very solitary and the area is rarely visited. Despite this, Vanån is easily accessible thanks to a well-developed road network. The upper parts of the river are very suitable for fly fishing. Further down south it becomes more and more suitable for spin fishing and for many stretches fishing from a boat is the best way.

In spite of the presence of pike there are also strong trout stocks in almost the entire river. Every year fishers catch Grayling by the kilo.

Fish species caught in Van are Grayling, Trout, Pike, Perch and some whitefish, mainly Ide and Bream.

Ogan & Ogströmmen:
Ogan curves and travels down towards Ogsjön at mixed pace. There is a stretch of water with speeds over 15 km. Where Ogan is flowing fast you will find Grayling and in areas where she slows down you will find Pearch and Pike.

Fishing Rules:

Fishing license in all waters except Majtjärn, Hålltjärn and Venjansjön:

A license applies only to the named person and the time period shown on the card. Cards without names are invalid. Cards can not be transferred, for example, an annual card can not be used by different parties during different parts of the year. Children under 16 do not need a fishing license.

Only one fishing tool may be used per card.

Fees (Utom Majtjärn & Hålltjärn):

  • Day – 50 kr
  • Week – 100 kr
  • Month – 150 kr
  • Year – 300 kr


  • Trout can be fished from 16 May – 31 August.
  • In Vanån, Ogan and Ogström, the minimum size is 30 cm but no number limit.
  • In the lower part of the stream, no more than 2 fish per person a day may be retained.
  • In other bodies of water the minimum size 25 cm. There you can find brown Trout which is smaller.


  • Can be fished from 16 May – 31 September .
  • Minimum size 25 cm, no maximum size.
  • In Ogströmmens lower parts the minimum size is 25 och largest is 30 cm.
  • This applies from the 16th of May – 31st of December and a maximum of 3 fish per person per day may be retained.

Special fishing rules for Majtjärn and Hålltjärn – Put & Take fishing:

All fishers must have a special card and only one card per day may be purchased. Children who are not 12 years old can fish without their own card if they are in the company of someone who has a card. On the card, the name and the current score must be written, each card is only valid in one of the ponds.

The card is valid for one day, one person (plus child) and one fishing tool. Four game fish can be picked up per card. For children under 12 who fish without their own card the catch is counted in the cardholder’s four allowed.

For example, you can not change lake or fish in turns, not even with the same rod. You must not continue fishing after catching your four game fish, so you are not allowed to “fill up” another card  other than your own.